Want to bring your big idea to life?

…then this is for you! As part of our 12 Startups in 12 Months in 2017, we want to give everyone the opportunity to partner up with us to get their project launched. We get many requests, but want to give someone the opportunity. Therefore, if you are the “Idea-Guy” who is lacking the team to bring it to life, then this is for you.

Want to Win? Follow Us Online!

On September 1st 2017, we will be drawing 10 names from our Social Media & NewsLetter Subscribers. Those 10 will be considered as finalists and via a short selection process using the Startup Canvas in September we will announce 1 as the Winner on October 1st. We will be working out your Startup in December.

How can you Participate?

  • Follow ParroLabs on Facebook, Like us on Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • SignUp for Our NewsLetter both for the Draw and to be Kept Informed!
  • Hot TIP! You can participate multiple times by repeating these steps multiple times (e.g. follow us on Facebook and Like us on Twitter)
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What is on offer?!?

This is an offer to build you a Minimum Viable Product. The investment we would like to do is limited, so building you a space-rocket is most likely out of scope. It has to be something modest. Together with you, we will work out a way to build your project in the fastest possible way using existing tools.

Here a summary of the offer:

  • Assistance in Building you an MVP
  • 250 hours of Core-developing (+/- $ 45.000 value)
  • Developing of the brand, the logo, the basic setup (+/- $2000 Value)
  • Giving you assistance in launching the Startup
  • Free Publicity within our Network
  • Help with getting further funding worldwide

What are the Catches?

We want to be partners in your Startup and hopefully be involved in the long run. So these are our “catches”:

  • Equity in your Startup of 5% - 30%, depending on the hours you are willing to invest
  • You have to realize that you need to manage the startup and invest significant time
  • When we announce you as the winner you agree that we will share this on Social Media and other channels.