Careers at ParroLabs

Do you enjoy working on the Tomorrow's Digital Platforms? Whether it is designing a new Website for a small NGO, Developing a Mobile App for a Startup or providing consultary services to some of the World's largest Corporations, it is possible at ParroLabs.

Typical Jobs at ParroLabs


One of the pillars of a great online presence is to have a great design. As such, at ParroLabs we are always looking for great Designers. Our team comprises of web, mobile and general designers.

Web & Mobile Developers

Do you live for great Code? Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, Hybrid, we name it, you can code it? We are always looking for talented people who have a passion for code. So do you feel at ease when touching the keyboard and developing great code? Give us a call, tweet or buzz!

Social Media Managers

Do you love to represent a brand online? Do you love to keep up with the latest in Social Media? Then we are the go-to place for you! We offer our customers top of the line Social Media Representation and manage their Content.

Analytics & Cloud

Do you love numbers and do you want to help our customers Analyze their Data? Then this is for you! You want to become the go-to person for a specific application and love to get processes down on paper. Our Analytics Managers bring our customers the Data they so desperately need!

Why we are a great place to work!

The reasons why people join and stay at ParroLabs


At ParroLabs we believe in that learning new things is something you can every day at your own pace. At Parro we pay for your memberships and have a budget for courses that you can take.

No Office Hours!

In fact most of us work from Home, Starbucks or the library. While we do have some meetings from time-to-time, we are flexible as to when you work and where you work!


Most of us have a internal drive to get better at what we do! The answers are often in the group. You can always ask for an informal coaching session and problems get resolved in the team!


We believe in diversity! Other religions make us curious, other colors make us more creative and we don't distinguish between sexes. Are you curious to get to know people from all over the world at work?

Current Openings

Title Closing Date Category
Web Designer with Experience in Responsive Design 01 February 2017 design
Mobile Hybrid Developer 13 February 2017 mobile development